Centerpoint Export, Wholesaler and exporter of high quality Nepali and Tibetan handicrafts offer Dharma ware, Garments, Clothing, Herbal products, Silver jewelry, Fashionable handmade jewelry, Mala beads as well as other products from Nepal.



We are Manufacturers and wholesale exporters of Nepali Handicrafts products, Tibetan Items, Anitque items, clothing items etc Since 1996.

We specalized in different kind handicrafts such as Fashion and designs products, Cashmere shawls, Tibetan and nepali anitque products, Nepali Pure Lokta Papers, Woolen sweaters, Bags and hats etc.

We have varieties of quality Nepalese handicrafts. Custom designs are always possible and encouraged to implement on our products as we believe that designs are based on the imagination.


The company has a well-known infrastructure. The company has engaged traditional and highly qualified artisans. The artisans are working very hard round the clock to develop new designs with various kinds of customer custom requirements.

Arts and Crafts In- NEPAL

The art and craft of Nepal are basically based on the religious themes taken from Buddhism and Hinduism. Nepalese art has been influenced and promoted since the earliest recorded times by the Newars.

The history of arts in Nepal is divided into five major periods prior to the Gorkha dynasty. These are Pre-Licchavi, Licchavi, transitional, Early Malla and late Malla periods.

Pre-Licchavi art is represented by the many terra-cotta figures being discovered and excavated. The Mallas contributed immensely to the arts and architecture of the Kathmandu Valley. Buddhist thanka and Newar paubha paintings have been executed in Nepal since time immemorial. Cave paintings by Buddhist monks are found in very remote areas such as the Sagarmatha (EVEREST) region and Mustang.

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